What ‘TRW’ is?

Hello and Namaste!

First of all, The Reading Wanderer is something I settled for after a lot of trial and error. (I keep changing my mind, a lot). After deciding that I want to start a blog, I ventured out and wrote about anything that came to my mind. But, pretty soon, I realized that this is not how it works, that blogging is supposed to be a thing that connects you with like-minded people and can eventually (if you are fortunate and worthy of it) become a great platform to share your views, I sat down and deliberated on what all piques my interest. What are the things that I will do without any exhaustion (or bitterness) 24*7?

To do this, I did some self-evaluation (really, I talked to myself) and I also scrolled down through my Instagram account and found that if given the option to do something 24*7, I will travel to different destinations, sample good food (street food, cafes and high-end restaurants) and read books! Thus came into existence – The Reading Wanderer. P.S – Of course, I would dance too, but that is for another time and another blog.

Now, coming to another important part of this blog – you! What can you expect from this blog? Travelogues, descriptions about and why I liked a certain cafe or food and of course, a lot of banter about books which may or may not be a review.

So, if you also share similar interests, feel free to join me on my journey as I venture out in different worlds – both on foot and through books.